Expand your horizons: The Woman in Gold (film)

Want to learn more about how Austria has struggled to deal with its Nazi past? Then the Woman in Gold, starring Helen Mirren, does just that.

Where’s the fire, what’s the hurry about?

This was written on Tuesday the 19th of August. I'm currently (and luckily) on a bus from Zagreb in Croatia to Vienna and all I keep thinking is: I miss British queuing skills. The UK is the best place if ever you want to queue. It's polite, well-organised, and we always form a neat line …

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An overview of Austria

When you think of visiting western Europe you may overlook Austria. Some of you may think I'm misspelling Australia (I really hope you don't). But nestled in the centre of Europe, Austria is a mix of all my favourite bits of Europe. It's like Switzerland without the insanely high prices, it's like Bavaria but almost …

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My first thoughts about Vienna

Hello all!  I moved to Vienna in Austria a few weeks ago so I left blogging by the wayside as I had to deal with the hassles of opening a bank/getting a student card/sorting out a phone/making friends/adjusting to my new life etc. etc.   I have now been in Vienna for just shy under …

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