I currently (April 2017-present) work at Eaglemoss Publications as a Deputy Editor.  I currently manage or co-manage the following weekly partwork magazines:

  • Knit and Stitch Creative (UK)
  • So Gestalten Sie Ihr Dorfpuppenhaus (Germany)
  • Mijn Landelijke Poppenhuis (Netherlands)
  • Créez et décorez votre Maison à Colombages (France)

I previously worked as an Editorial Assistant at DK (September 2015-April 2017), the world’s leading publisher of illustrated reference books. I am credited in the following books:

  • My Best-Ever Pop-Up Noisy Train Book (Coming October 2017)(Editor)
  • My Encyclopedia of Very Important Animals (Coming September 2017)(Edited by)
  • Food Like Mine (July 2017)(Editor)
  • Spot the Difference: Out and About (July 2017)(Written by)
  • Spot the Difference: Building Site (July 2017)(Written by)
  • Ultimate Factivity Collection: Pirates (February 2017)(Editor)
  • My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things (September 2016)(Edited by)
  • Sharks and other sea creatures (August 2016, Proofreader)
  • Sleepover Party (April 2016)(Assistant Editor)
  • Eat your Greens, Reds, Yellows, and Purples (April 2016)(Editorial Assistant)
  • Bugs, bees, and other buzzy creatures (March 2016)(Editorial Assistant)
  • Farm animals (March 2016)(Editorial Assistant)
  • Ultimate Factivity Collection: Human Body (February 2016, Assistant Editor)

I have also worked as a freelancer on craft magazines:

  • Make it Today Magazine (Issue 3, March 2015)
  • Homemaker Magazine (Issues 22, 26, 27, 28)(August 2014-February 2015)


  • Articles for DK intranet [available on request]
  • Blog entries, Homemaker Magazine: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5].
  • Blog entries: Nottingham University’s Study Abroad blog (2013-2014). [example here]
  • Blog owner: Sia Soon – Third Year Abroad blog (2013-2014)[most viewed article here]
  • Articles for Impact Magazine, Nottingham [Online] 2013-14


  • September 2014: Winner of Nottingham University’s Flash Fiction competition [link here]
  • April 2013: Story published in a collated children’s book for the Make a Wish Foundation on behalf of the Nottingham University Creative Writing Society
  • January 2013: Published in Jabberwocky, Nottingham University’s Creative Writing annual

Last updated 21/07/2017