Walks through my life: Colchester

Walks through my life is a more personal series of blog entries, which will be posted on the second Friday of the month. Here is the first! I was born, and grew up, in a smallish English town called Colchester, which is in the East of England. It has 100,000 inhabitants, is fast-growing, and in the driest …

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TRAVEL TUESDAY: Iceland, Niceland

Iceland in the past few years has become the 'in' place to go. It's featured more and more on television as a 'celebratory destination' (The Apprentice) and a 'honeymoon getaway' (Married at First Sight), and there's a lot to be said for this under-populated, rugged nordic nation. I stayed in Iceland for five days in …

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Graduation Celebration

Hello! Languagetalks.net is looking to expand in the coming weeks. If you hadn't noticed, the blog has been graphically revamped and I'm aiming for weekly (and more varied) blog entries, the occasional Vlog (oh god, I know), and a LOT more travel suggestions. I also haven't really used this blog to show how often I …

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5 Biopics Hollywood should do next that don’t involve English-speaking white men

Hollywood biopics have a tendency to focus on English-speaking white men. Here's a list of people through history who'd be brilliant for a 2 hour Oscar-worthy biopic.

My first time as an academic speaker

On Saturday the 21st of February 2015 I was a speaker at the first Cambridge Undergraduate Conference in German Studies. The theme was "Germany in 2015" and I was part of the last panel whose theme was "Memory and Renewal". This was scheduled for the end of the day, so I had ample time to watch …

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Why Sitcoms need change

Life as a fourth year university student is monotonous at best. I wake up, I go onto campus, I work until I want to collapse, I come home and I watch television. This is my routine every day and the only variation is the television I choose to watch. Perhaps it's because I'm on the …

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Returning to University after a Year Abroad

Hello! Sorry I went a whole month and a half without posting! I'm now halfway through the most stressful year of my academic life and blogging has fallen slightly to the wayside. I'm not taking a hiatus per-se, but until June don't expect more than perhaps two blog entries as I'm so busy. But that's …

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