5 Biopics Hollywood should do next that don’t involve English-speaking white men

Hollywood biopics have a tendency to focus on English-speaking white men. Here's a list of people through history who'd be brilliant for a 2 hour Oscar-worthy biopic.

Why Sitcoms need change

Life as a fourth year university student is monotonous at best. I wake up, I go onto campus, I work until I want to collapse, I come home and I watch television. This is my routine every day and the only variation is the television I choose to watch. Perhaps it's because I'm on the …

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Are you a feminist?

You may remember that a year and a half ago I interviewed a selection of women on their experiences of sexism abroad (found here). I actually at the time interviewed around ten people, all who gave interesting responses that I've used in various anecdotes at dinner parties. I decided against publishing them all at the time …

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ARGUE Better

In this day and age everyone has an opinion, and there's more and more ways to exert them. The amount of time I'm on a five minute break, check my phone, and then get engrossed in reading other people's arguments in comment sections is becoming a bad habit. That isn't just me is it...? Anyhow, …

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Where’s the fire, what’s the hurry about?

This was written on Tuesday the 19th of August. I'm currently (and luckily) on a bus from Zagreb in Croatia to Vienna and all I keep thinking is: I miss British queuing skills. The UK is the best place if ever you want to queue. It's polite, well-organised, and we always form a neat line …

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