Hello, and welcome to Imprecise Living!

My name’s Sia (see-ya), I’m blonde (fake), Swedish (half), and trilingual (mostly).  I am a person who loves to learn but never quite manages to follow all the instructions, whether it’s for cooking, craft, or learning languages.

I come from the east of England and now live in London. I currently work as a Deputy Editor for Eaglemoss, and previously worked for DK (Penguin Random House). I have a degree in French and German and have lived in England, Sweden, Austria, and France.

I  am available for freelance commissions – whether you want a short or long article, want to collaborate together on a project, or just need some advice on whether your editorial makes sense, please get in touch @ SophiaDanielssonWaters [@] gmail.com. My specialisms are craft (adult and children’s), language contact, cookery, and children’s fiction and non-fiction.

Until September 2017, my blog was focussed specifically on languages and culture, under the domain LanguageTalks.net. I have decided to make the step to broaden this out, as I am now stuck in one country. Nonetheless, I’m still really interested in hearing your language stories, so if you have a story (any story!) get in touch.


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  • Why we love Baking – Interview, Homemaker Magazine, Issue 28 [cut-out here]
  • Why we love Sewing – Interview, Homemaker Magazine, Issue 27
  • Interview on my gap year for hellohygge.com [link here]
  • Sia Soon – Year abroad blog. Most viewed post: 25/09/2013
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Disclaimer: All views are my own, unless otherwise stated. I have made every effort to trace images back to the source where I took them from. I am more than happy to remove any image or rectify an incorrect link. Views expressed in interviews posted on here may not necessarily reflect my own beliefs.

Last Edited: 21/09/2017

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