Graduation Celebration

Hello! is looking to expand in the coming weeks. If you hadn’t noticed, the blog has been graphically revamped and I’m aiming for weekly (and more varied) blog entries, the occasional Vlog (oh god, I know), and a LOT more travel suggestions. I also haven’t really used this blog to show how often I travel, so it’s finally time to start imparting my wisdom!  I’m additionally looking to expand my market and target audience, so would be really grateful for any comments, feedback or suggestions.

But here’s to starting off with something personal! Two weeks ago, along with the stress of moving house (hence the radio silence of a month; It’s only been in the past week I’ve been able to breathe!), I graduated from my degree in French and German at the University of Nottingham!

Now, I’ll be the first to say I generally hate traditions and hyped-up occasions. At ‘proms’ and big awkward social occasions to do with establishments I attend (i.e. school and university functions) I usually either don’t bother going, or when I do, head straight to the drinks table. The amount of tweets and announcements that people felt they needed to do just made me feel worse. I got my degree result (a 2.1, in case you’re wondering) and just thought “Okay, that’s pretty much what I expected”. I even predicted what type of 2.1 I’d get within one or two marks, so I didn’t really feel anything at all except feeling decidedly average.

Maybe it’s my lack of self-confidence or the self-saboteur that I am, but I just didn’t get the big deal. I felt like if I’d have done minimal work I could have got 59 and been bumped up to a 2.1. Having a high 2.1. didn’t really seemed to me like it meant anything. I didn’t really want to be in a ceremony surrounded by graduands who I’d never see again. I didn’t really want to walk across a stage. I didn’t want to pay hundreds of pounds for the privilege. I just didn’t really feel confident going back to Nottingham.

But, I went! And I did all the traditional, stereotypical things I usually am cynical about.

I had my celebratory glass of champagne…

The champagne picture...

I took the family snapshots…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I took photos with friends…

My friend Sarah and I

I walked across the stage…

(not including the picture here as they took it when I was speaking and my eyes were closed so I look like I’m incredibly inebriated)

I even attempted the ceremonial hat toss…

The obligatory hat toss

And, I realised, Sometimes, tradition is nice! Sometimes I shouldn’t be so cynical and enjoy moments like these. Because now I feel really proud of my result and proud of me too, which is a nice feeling!

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