PDA: is it OK?

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never really been fond of public displays of affection.  A hug to say hello, a kiss to say goodbye, the occasional hand holding… these, in my opinion, are fine.  But since I’ve been in France the people here take it to another level.

In France I have been sitting in a public place while the couple next to me are very, very into eachother.  In a swimming pool the other day I stood in the communal showers as the couple next to me were getting very frisky.  Just now, in the computer room, a girl wrapped her hair around the male next to me and started being very PDA-ish in front of EVERYONE. 

But why does this bother me?  What is wrong with a couple showing their love?  Why do I, as a reflex, twitch at the thought of standing near an intimate couple?   Even when I have been in relationships in the past I have not been very keen to hold hands in public. 

The only PDA I occasionally partake in
The only PDA I occasionally partake in

I half think it may be because I don’t really want to inflict other people on the sight.  I did a bit of research and while many younger generations, even in stricter asian countries, dabble in a bit of PDA, it is definitely frowned upon by older generations.  I can’t help but think what would happen if my grandad, for example, witnessed the couples on the tram.  I personally don’t find it an attractive sight while I am trying to think of what I want for dinner.   On public transport, especially when it’s crowded, all you have left between worrying about your bag and trying not to bump into someone when the transport comes to a jolt (It’s 2013, learn how to stop transport smoothly!) is your bubble.  When someone does something out of the ordinary you’re taken out of your bubble, uncomfortable, with nowhere to hide.

Noone likes their bubble burst when they're sitting on their bag on a crowded train
Noone likes their bubble burst when they’re sitting on their bag on a crowded train

I found an article from Glamour Magazine stipulating the ground rules of PDA – the definitely nots being ‘not in front of children’, ‘not blocking the path’ and ‘not when eating’.  Another Yahoo article states a difference between ‘cute affection’ and ‘porno affection’.   I suppose it’s all about weighing up the situation – in clubs I myself have witnessed almost pornography, and the amount of  Facebook pages involving pictures of embarrassing nights out turns it to the other end of the spectrum.  Is it simply just time and place?  Although I don’t really like PDA in clubs either,  I certainly wouldn’t be able to pull a “disgruntled English woman tut face”.

Am I a prude, or perhaps a sad singleton? Are English people generally prudes?  What do you think of PDA?  Does your country view it differently?  Is it something you abhor or are indifferent to?  I’d love to hear your comments below!

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