Why Swedish stereotypes are, like, totally false

One of the things I hate most are preconceived completely false stereotyping of countries.   It’s just unfair and unjust.  Here are a few stereotypes of the very diverse and multicultural Swedes, and why they are totally wrong.

1)  Everyone is blonde!

What's a swinger?

This is simply not true and so offensive.  I saw a brunette person only LAST YEAR, AND in public.

2) They love ABBA!


Does your mother know that these sort of stereotypes are really offensive?  Basshunter and Swedish House Mafia sometimes get in the top 10 on a slow week, too…

3)  It snows all the time


It was sunny once, in 1993.

4) All there is is forest!


While Sweden does have a lot of trees, it’s just stereotyping to say that it’s ALL trees.   Stockholm actually has a whole road of H&Ms and IKEAs with only 2 trees in sight!

5) Vikings


Come on, they haven’t been around for years.  No one wears viking hats anymore.  Except for nights out, general day-to-day life, at work and in bed.

6) All the houses are red and wooden

971246_153604081489831_1132810107_nPfft, what gave you that idea?!  There are some yellow houses too!  This picture could have been taken ANYWHERE.

Moral of this tale:  Stereotyping is wrong and offensive.   Swedish people aren’t all beautiful, blonde and tall.   Some are actually normal height.

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