Losing my languages

I was asked to translate something quickly at work today, from German into English, and I completely froze. The words jumbled on the page. I looked at certain capitalised German nouns and it was like I knew what they meant but I had no idea how to express what the word was in English. "So what's …

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A year after the referendum

Three years ago, I was living in sunny Vienna. As I grow older, my memories of times and places merge into a sense of feeling. These memories feel deeply personal and yet, oddly detached. When I think of Vienna, I remember the incessant summer heat and numerous nightclubs, severe depression and waking up at 3pm …

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Reasons I became happier in 2015

  Hello! It's been a while, hasn't it my chums? Language Talks isn't about to start becoming a more personal blog (well, maybe a bit, but you won't hear me talk about my trips to the doctors or shops anytime soon), but I thought it would be nice to give a few upbeat thoughts about …

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The University Challenge

Language learning isn't particularly popular in the British Isles. Fewer and fewer people are studying languages at schools, which subsequently has had an adverse knock-on effect for universities. Many departments across the UK are dispensing with their language curriculum; the most recent being Ulster University in Northern Ireland. Since 2007, many ex-polytechnic universities, such as …

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Expand your horizons: The Woman in Gold (film)

Want to learn more about how Austria has struggled to deal with its Nazi past? Then the Woman in Gold, starring Helen Mirren, does just that.